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MANGO launches “THINK UP”

by PhatGuru Staff on Thursday, September 24th, 2009


International fashion brand launches a selection of products at extremely affordable prices

September 21st, 2009 – With the slogan “Special prices for creative living”, MANGO, the international Spanish fashion brand, will incorporate a new concept into its stores on a global level from beginning September: THINK UP.

Beginning in the Fall of 2009, MANGO will offer customers around the world a selection of over 90 items from among its existing collections at incredible prices. THINK UP items will be available for as little as $24.90 with each garment in the selection indicated with a special label.

This new low-cost fashion campaign is MANGO’s solution to the difficult economic climate affecting shoppers around the globe. With this initiative, MANGO aims to promote creativity, ingenuity and the quest for alternative ways forward. With THINK UP, the brand provides its customers with a solution so that they can continue to enjoy high-quality fashion with optimism and without having to give up MANGO’s total look style.

In order to publicise this new concept, at the start of September, MANGO will launch the blog where clients can find information about the selection of products that are part of the THINK UP concept, as well as a catalogue that will be delivered to the home of MANGO clients.

On the blog, customers will also have access to new information every day and take part in forums about current topics such as fashion, events, leisure, art, restaurants, trends and travel, always based on the THINK UP concept that is offered in stores: searching for and sharing information about alternatives at affordable prices, and above all exploring new and creative perspectives on life.

The THINK UP spirit aims to share ideas and proposals that provide a creative solution enabling clients not to have to give up life’s little treats. To make this work takes ingenuity, exploration, and the ability to remain optimistic.

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